“A sound that varies between silk and velvet, seductive phrasing, a rapport that makes them sound almost like one instrument, ....“


“A sound that varies between silk and velvet, seductive phrasing, a rapport that makes them sound almost like one instrument, ....“


This is how Colin Cooper of Classical Guitar Magazine, London, describes Guitar4mation.


Over the course of 25 years, Guitar4mation’s international team has been setting new standards of guitar ensemble playing. Abandoning the hierachic structure of typical string ensembles with their strict division of leading and supporting parts, the group has found new ways of performing and interpreting  music that have received unaninmous acclaim throughout Europe, from audiences and critics alike.


The four musiscians use their individual strengths and experiences to create their own, custom made arrangements of the romantic, impressionistic and Spanish piano repertoire, as well as contemporary and Latin American music. In addition to this, the ensemble also performs works written especially for them.


Since 1996, four CDs have been receiving enthusiastic reviews from critics all over the world. 

Martin Schwarz (Austria) creates most of the group’s arrangements which define Guitar4mation’s unique style. He also shares his rich experience as a chamber musician at the Anton Bruckner University of Linz where he teaches his own guitar class.

Michal Nagy (Poland) is a professor at the music academy of Krakow and and sought after chamber music partner of many distinguished musicians (A.Savall, A.Krupa) and a popular teacher at international festivals.


Petr Saidl (Czech Republic) is one of the most succsessful guitar teachers in Europe. His workplaces are the conservatory of Pardubice and the academy of music in Prague. Because of his great experience, he is often invited to international guitar festivals and competitions.


Martin Wesely (Austria) is at home in various muscial fields and always on the lookout for new artistic challenges for the acoustic guitar, crossing styles at will in his creative chamber music and band projects.

Guitar4mation is a member

of the D'addario family

„ ...Was das Publikum im bis auf den letzten Platz gefüllten Kulturzentrum in Hardtberg erleben konnte, war im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes atemberaubend ... 'Sound' ist das ganz und gar nicht, was 'Guitar4mation' zu bieten hat. Eher stellt sich die Frage nach 'Klangkörper' hier neu. Das Material besteht aus genialen Bearbeitungen von Martin Schwarz, der Martinus Trois Preludes oder Teilen von Albeniz’ Iberia-Suite ebenso ungeahnte Klangfarbennuancen ablauscht wie vier der Preludes aus Szymanowskis op.1 oder aber 'Fuga y Misterio' aus Piazzollas Tango-Oper 'Maria de Buenos Aires'  ...“General Anzeiger / Unabhängige Tageszeitung für Bonn und den Rhein-Sieg-Kreis 01./02.05.2006
Fritz Herzog


"A more versatile ensemble than guitar4mation is hardly possible to imagine..." 

OBV Konzert bei den Saitensprüngen in Bad Aibling

„..the great art of arrangement. The four musicians of guitar4mation raise the bar quite high. Tomas Gubitsch is a master giutarist..., but the cossbar is skipped,.. 

Radio Ö1/ ORF   Albert Hosp

„...the sovereign, incomparable tone color is the biggest impression of the group... “ 

GENDAI GUITAR (Tokio) Nobuaki Nagaoka

„... the ensemble impresses through perfect interaction and rhythmic precision,,.."

TopGuitar (Polen)  Zbigniew Dubiella

„... veritable guitarists who master their repertoire. As an ensemble they maintain a remarkable palette of timbres and a precise interplay...“  

Akustik Gitarre (Deutschland) Andreas Schulz

„...What the public could experience in the sold out cultural center in Hardtberg was, in the truest sense of the word, breathtaking .... 

General Anzeiger /  Bonn    Fritz Herzog


Four guitars with congeniality - Ensemble conjures at "Saitensprünge" 

Oberbayerisches Volksblatt BRD , Ulrich Nathe

......Masterfully without restrictions, rich in sound and mood, touching and funny - that was the concert of the Guitar4mation. 

Silesia Prezentuje Polen, Anna Wozniakowska

"...Wären die Mitglieder des Wiener Ensembles Guitar4formation Körperkünstler, man müsste sie »Luftakrobaten« nennen. Denn bei ihrem Auftritt im Stadttheater befreiten sie Gitarrenmusik, egal ob klassisch oder modern, egal ob E- oder U-Musik, von aller Erdenschwere..."

Main Netz, Melanie Pollinger

“A sound that varies between silk and velvet, seductive phrasing, a rapport that makes them sound almost like one instrument, ....“

Classical Guitar Magazine (London)