2019 - Poland, Czech Republic and Austria 

In May the ensemble can be heard in Bochnia (PL) and Olmouc (CZ). In the beginning of June they give a masterclass and a concert at the Krivoklat Festival (CZ)


guitar4mation is proud to play 3concerts at the Moselfestival in august 2018

2018  startet mit einem Konzert in Prag ! 

Guitar4mation wird am 28.01.2018 im "Sal Bohuslava Martinu" im Lichtenstejnsky Palac , Praha - Mala Strana gastieren.

Konzertreise an die Nordsee! 

Like last year guitar4mation will play concerts in the very north of Germany. From october 11th to 15th they will guests at the Neuenburger Gitarrentagen. They will perform in Neuenburg, Wardenburg and Papenburg.

Mikulov Festival 10.7. 2017 !

Guitar4mation is going to enter the stage of the prestigous Mikulov giutarfestival by the fifth time. The guitarist will also give masterclasses and martin Schwarz is going to lead the orchester. Farther more Martin Wesely will be perform with his band  "Carlos Martin y sus Caballeros"  open air in the center of  the town.
Also don't miss other players at the festival: Zoran Dukic,

Pablo Marquez, Gabriel Bianco, Marco Socias,...


Am Samstag, den 4.März 2017 wird der Kammerchor Ars Antiqua gemeinsam mit der guitar4mation das von Sergio Assad komponierte Werk "Yesterday's Tomorrow" im Stadttheater Aschaffenburg uraufführen. Der bayrische Rundfunk wird das Konzert live mitschneiden.


On saturday 4th 2017guitar4mation and "Kammerchor Ars Antiqua" are going to premier Sergio Assadsnew piece "Yesterday's Tomorrow" at the Stadttheater Aschaffenburg in Germany. The concert will be broadcasted by "Bayrischer Rundfunk".